How American Airlines Is Using More than Just Twitter to Convenience Fliers.

So far we have seen the dedication of manpower and resources to run online presences for large airline companies. We have also seen that simply having an online presence like Twitter or Facebook is becoming inadequate for standing out among the competition.

Let’s look at American Airlines, one of the biggest Airline companies in today’s field. American Airline’s social media presence includes a Twitter, Facebook, and a blog and travel planning section on their website. “American Airline’s social media team involves 23 employees, with 17 dedicated to customer service” (Edward). Most of the staff is located at their headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. American keeps one employee in London and two in Lima, Peru to provide quick responses at all hours of the day, regardless of location. In terms of manpower, American Airlines is directing more of it towards online monitoring than other airlines that we have looked at so far. And with 17 of those 23 employees on the social media team focused on customer service, that means that using social media to alert the airport of something broken or out of place is a good strategy to use when dealing with American Airlines.

While American Airlines is putting more resources into social media presence, is it enough to make them stand out from other airlines whose social presence is on the rise as well? One thing that American Airlines has decided to do to give them the extra edge in flier social media comfort is their on demand video steaming to your own personal device. This concept is very similar to renting a movie or show from a traditional store like BlockBuster; once you pay for the movie you have 24 hours to watch it as many times as you’d like. Say you don’t finish your movie on the plane or you fall asleep and miss the end, you can even watch it again at your destination for up to 24 hours. This new feature really changes the nature of in-flight entertainment. Because fliers can access their content directly from their mobile device, the need for seat mounted is becoming a thing of the past. And so is only having a choice of three different movies to pick from.

The American Airlines Logo Before and After Rebranding

The American Airlines Logo Before and After Rebranding

Aside from using social media to convenience, and entertain their fliers, American Airlines used their online presence on Youtube to help their rebranding, and to merge with US Airways. With any industry, when a company attempts to rebrand they can lose customers if the transition isn’t smooth. American Airlines rebranding and merger was quite successful. Part of the reason for this seamless rebranding is the quality of the company’s Youtube videos. Not only are they of excellent quality, but they are clear and do a good job of making sure loyal customers are informed of any changes to the company, both aesthetically as well as functionally.



  1. It sounds like American/US airlines aren’t as up to date as they think they are. Especially compared to Southwest and their social media strategy. I mean is allowing a customer to view a movie however many times on a flight really a big deal ? I feel like if it were 2006 still it would be but it’s 2014 and we are way more technologically progressive than that.

  2. I have actually written a complaint tweet towards American Airlines before due to bad service but even with over 200 thousand followers they still followed me, tweeted me and asked how they could help, which made the bad experience a little better knowing that they were trying to help. Id never really experienced a big company like that giving me the time to let them know what went wrong.I also liked how they used Youtube videos to help rebrand their company, an easy way for customers to see this new look and get used to it. The main aim for a company like American Airlines is to expose the audience to their new logo and brand as much as possible, social media is a great tool to use when doing this.

  3. American Airlines is doing it right by sticking its hand in multiple faucets of social media and is fully aware of how much manpower is necessary to succeed in achieving an acceptable online presence. With their social media team including 23 members, 17 of which are mainly for customer service American Airlines is great at keeping its clients in the loop of what the airline is doing or experiencing. Then their switch in entertainment outlines was a smart choice. Personally, I never liked how in the past I have my personal monitor on the back of someone else’s chair. I was always in the unfortunate situation where the individual in front of me would recline their chair so far back that I could not even use it. By being able to use my own personal device it would have definitely made my experience better.

  4. American Airlines is obviously a very smart company. Bringing movies straight to the fliers’ mobile devices and letting them watch it for up to a full 24 hours is a brilliant plan. People like to be comfortable, especially on airplanes, and people love their devices. They’re comforted by familiarity especially when they might not be so used to flying, and American Airlines is letting them have some of that comfort in an uncomfortable situation. Having so many social media members on their team shows that they are genuine and want to help their customers.

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