Southwest Soars Above the Competition

Southwest has always held a top spot for airlines that are using social media, as you read in my last post, but what is it that Southwest is doing that is setting it apart from the rest of competition? Simply put, it is the entirety of their social media presence. The amount of time and resources that they push towards maintaining their predominate presence on social media is what sets them apart. This endeavor has paid off, according to Keynote, a global leader in internet and mobile, cloud testing and monitoring. They named the best in overall customer experience in any US air travel booking websites. In order to measure the effectiveness of the website and the quality of customer support, a series of tests were conducted on each website. Panelists chosen were asked to spend a few minutes on the website and to gather first impressions. After this, they were asked to preform a few routine flight checks and booking checks. They were asked to search for specific flights from the home page and external search engines. The panelist provided additional important information into why is so attractive. The main points were: the ease booking flights and the flight search option, as well as the website looking pleasing.

Aside from a practical website and a Twitter presence, Southwest also has another big social media presence on the web, Nuts about Southwest.

Nuts About Southwest's Home Page

Nuts about Southwest is Southwest’s blog, with a growing team made not only of Southwest employees, but also customers and partners. Here they post regularly about the happenings of Southwest Air. Whether it is major changes in the way the airline operates, or something funny that happened, this blog is completely immersive. Not only is it updated several times a day, but it also allows customers to write in with comments, complaints, and suggestions. In the corner, there are tabs to take you to any other online presence. Southwest has, made this blog a one-stop shop for anything Southwest.

As you can see from the video above, Nuts by Southwest and its contributors aren’t all business. It is videos like this mixed in with interviews with the Founder and Chairmen, and behind the scenes airplane maintenance that provide the viewer with a sense of genuineness. Because of this and the fact that readers can write into the blog and ask questions are what makes this blog such a strong media-marketing tool. I think that Southwest really nailed this one and are is a perfect example of how successful a blog can be when you: realize how to reach your target audience, have a committed and diverse team, and have the reputation of a great brand behind you.



  1. It’s really the combination of a diverse and capable team, rep of a great brand, and knowing your target audience and always staying connected that makes a successful marketing strategy/tactic. The way they are constantly adjusting and keeping themselves transparent and up to date really is handling social media marketing to the greatest extent that one could ask for, and you lay that out really nicely in this post.

  2. Nuts about Southwest seems like a very good idea, they are providing customers with a lot of in depth interesting information about their company and what goes on inside it. This transparency of a company is good for business because as they views whats on the blogs they feel a greater deal of connection by knowing more about the company. Another great feature is that people can comment, write in or simply leave their thoughts about a certain subject, being able to have their say in issues helps to keep them coming back and viewing more often, increasing the site stickiness.

  3. Southwest’s choice in allowing customers use their blog as an outlet for their own experience on Southwest is insanely smart. People love to have a voice and feel like they are being heard, which is what Nuts about Southwest allows. By giving customers the chance to leave comments, complaints, and suggestions shows that the company is transparent and open to communication. This type of communication and openness to viewing other customers’ experiences as well as issues is a good way for the company to build trust. The blog is also ingenious as it is a traffic-directing site presenting Southwest’s other social media buttons a click away.

  4. Prompting conversation is an awesome marketing tool. Being transparent and authentic in your posts is what consumers look for, and it seems that Southwest is doing a great job. People just want to be heard and respected for their questions and opinions, and not feel threatened if a company comments back. They want to see the genuine side of companies, and the blog allows Southwest to show their genuineness. The more the people trust the company, the more they will recommend it to their friends and family and want to continue to fly Southwest.

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