Post Nine

Brown, Genevieve,Delta Air Lines’ Breast Feeding Tweets Ignite Social Media Firestorm, February 2014

Mikho, Mike, Hold Your Position, January 2013

Video: Newport Beach Mom Takes Delta to Ask for Controversial BreastFeeding Tweet

Gioglio, Jessica, A Social Media Customer Service Win From @DeltaAssist, July 2013

 Post Eight

Keynote Systems Inc, Southwest Named Top Site for Overall Customer Experience Among Airlines and OTAs, Keynote Study Reveals, April 2013

RD2,Southwest Airlines – Nuts About Southwest Blog v.3,2013

Image Courtesy of Gwen

Post Seven

ExactTarget,Southwest Airlines Expects Record Number of Holiday Travel Social Conversations, December 2013

Ragan’s PR Daily, Southwest and JetBlue Exchange Words on Twitter, February 2013

Image Courtesy of Ragan’s PR Daily

Post Six

Russel, Edward, Upping the Social Media Game, March 2014

Davies, Chris, American Airlines Planning In-Flight Streaming Movies to Your Ipad This Fall, May 4, 2011

Claridge, Peter, A Statistical Analysis of the Social Media Impact of American Airlines’ Rebranding, February 21, 2013

Image Courtesy of  Best Premium Themes.Net

Post Five

Shashank Nigam, Social Evolution, March 2013

Virgin America, A Brief History of Virgin Americas In-Flight Wifi, June 25, 2013

Mike Flacy, Virgin America Launches in-flight Social Network for Business Travelers, February 11, 2014 

Mike Flacy,Virgin America Encourages Passenger Flirting with Seat-to-seat Texting, April 25, 2013

Virgin America Press Release, 2014

Post Four

Unnikrishnan, Madhu Wall, Roberttter, All That Twitters, January 2012

Josh Sandburn, Steven Slaters JetBlue Freak Out, December 9, 2010

Ray Rogers, Executive Insight With Marty St. George, January 2o12

Post Three

Tony Kinlan, Dublin Airport’s Main Runway Closed, July 3, 2013

Image Courtesy of Tony Kinlan

Simpliflying, How Dublin Airport handles crisis through social media – Interview with Paul O’Kane, February 28, 2013

David McMullen, How Dublin Airport is re-thinking PR and marketing with social media – Paul O’Kane speaks his mind, February 18, 2013 

Post Two

Airlines for America, Airports Q&A and Statistics, 2014

Agnes Huff, Airports Take Off On Social Media, March 2013

Ronnie Garrett, Tweet You’re Out Of Toilet Paper, April 2013

David McMullen, Airline Media, Aug 2013

Post One

Randy Matheson, Gatwick Uses Soundcloud to Share Fairytales with Young Fliers, Aug 13, 2012

Elizibeth Cecconi, London Gatwick Airport combines Literary Talent with Soundcloud to Engage Families and Reduce Boredom, Aug 25, 2012

Image Courtesy of simpliflying 

David McMullen, Airline Media, Aug 2013


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